Excerpt from the court transcript of 21st october 1807

The Emergence of a Monument

From the minutes of the session held by the General Council of the Gard Department on October 21, 1807

A member said:
"Gentlemen, the Prefect draws your attention to the restoration of the Arena, so allow me to make some comments about this subject. (...). Every day in Italy, they undertake major projects to uncover some ruins of ancient Rome, and we who have the most beautiful and the least dilapidated ones, are doing nothing to preserve them, we who could admire them continuously and could easily satisfy the curiosity of travelers coming here. The Arena, especially the immense amphitheater, in which all of the people of a large city could gather, reminds us of great events, can better instruct us about the games and entertainment of the Roman public, and deserves your attention and the attention of travelers. I will not further develop the reasons that make us want to restore it or the ignominy dishonoring it ....."

(Municipal archives ©City of Nîmes)

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