Advisory Committee

City of Nîmes

Henri Westphal (Deputy Director General – Territorial and Local Outreach)
Anne-Marie Rames (Director of Cultural Affairs)
Olivier Bailly (Director of Information Systems)
Communications Management


Alain Labouze (Head of Programs)
Lina Nakazawa (Production Manager) 

With the participation of the AMCSTI


Marine Dubois (Audiovisual and Multimedia Production Manager)
Cécile Martinez (Cultural Development and Communications Manager, Inrap Méditerranée)

Design and Production

City of Nîmes

  • Project Management Team

Jean-Pascal Marron (Multimedia Project Manager)
Bettina Rautenberg-Célié (Promotion and Development of Cultural Heritage)

  • Editorial Board / Documentary and Iconographic Research Team

Gérard Caillat (Cultural Affairs Management)
Bettina Rautenberg-Célié (Cultural Affairs Management)
Fleur Ippolito (Archeology Museum)
Roger Garcia (Construction Management)
Christine Lavergne (Construction Management)
Jean-Pascal Marron (Information Systems Management)
Isaline Portal (Musée du Vieux Nîmes)
Corinne Potay (Municipal Archives)
Bénédicte Tellier (Carré d’art Librairies)
Didier Travier (Carré d’art Librairies)
Patrick Vazeilles (Municipal Archives)
Brigitte Weymann (Communications Management)

  • Texts

Cécile Carrier (Archeology Museum)
Bettina Rautenberg-Célié (Cultural Affairs Management)
Fleur Ippolito (Archeology Museum)
Didier Travier (Carré d’art Librairies)
Patrick Vazeilles (Municipal Archives)

  • Contracting Policies / Funding Research Service

Déborah Rubio (Assistant)
Philippe Gauzy (Project Manager)
Michèle Tellier (Head of Service)

  • Administrative and Financial Team

Nadine Martinez (Cultural Affairs Management)
Nicolas Thomazic (Public Procurement Management)

Inrap Méditerranée

  • Science Council

Marc Célié (Deputy Director of Science and Technology)
Richard Pellé (Operations and Research Manager)

Design and Creation Opixido

  • General Manager: Emmanuel Cennelier
  • Project Managers: Aurélie Pettoello, Camille Pacory, Delphine Marguerite
  • Storyboard, Ergonomy and Functional Designer: Valentine Deltombe
  • Science Council: Jean-Claude Golvin
  • Art director: Jean-Philippe Dagnet
  • Prologue Scriptwriter: Olivier Bleys
  • Prologue Illustrator: Yann Le Bec
  • Graphic and Visual Arts Team: Cléo Schirr-Bonnans, Joanna Markham, Lydie Durand, Charlotte Schmitt
  • Animation / motion design: Éric Delmotte, Orion Frossard, Florentin Joannes
  • Developers and Integrators: Célio Conort, Vincent Mesnigé, David Erlos
  • Audiovisual Producer: Pierre Goismier
  • Sound Engineer: Samuel Elling
  • Post-production: Frédéric Grosjean
  • Actors and Actresses:
    Lucius: Franck Borde
    Octavius: Jérémy Prévost
    Rufus: Bertrand Dinge
    Quintus: Remi Bohrt
    Noémie Daurel: Vanessa Guillemot
    Marie-Noëlle de Choisy: Marine Tuja
    Hugo Vandret: François Hatt

Modelisation and 3D Production: Art Graphique & Patrimoine

Gaël Hamon
Laurence Stefanon


Thierry Algrin (Chief Architect of Historic Monuments)
Marc Célié (Archeologist, Inrap Méditerranée)
Delphine Christophe (Regional Curator of Historic Monuments at the Languedoc-Roussillon Regional Cultural Affairs Office)
Jean-Claude Golvin (Architecte DPLG et urbaniste DIUP, directeur de recherche émérite au CNRS)
Michel Goutal (Chief Architect of Historic Monuments)
Richard Pellé (Archeologist, Inrap Méditerranée)
Jean Pey (Honorary Curator of the Nîmes Archeology Museum)
Roland Picca (Construction Manager, Sele Enterprise)
Thibault Sevenet (Engineer LERM Arles, Setec Group)
Alain Veyrac (Archeologist, university lecturer)


Jean-Pierre Adam (Director Emeritus of the Antique Architecture Research Insitute)
Thierry Algrin (Chief Architect of Historic Monuments)
Justine Aufradet (Unanime)
Thierry Barbier (Stage Manager of the Nîmes Arena)
Jean-Claude Bessac (Research Engineer at the CNRS)
Claire Champetier (Intern in Cultural Affairs Management for the City of Nîmes)
Louis de Charentenay (Sele Enterprise)
Jean-Claude Golvin (Registered Architecte (DPLG) and Certified Planner (DIUP), Director Emeritus of Research at the CNRS)
Philippe Fleury (Directeur du CIREVE/ERLIS-ERSAM, Université de Caen)
Louis Nicolas (Agence Goutal)
Rolland Picca (Sele Enterprise)
Thiebaud Sevenet (LERM Arles, Setec Group)

Photo credits

All images are © City of Nîmes, unless otherwise mentioned or the additional credits below:

Module Carte des amphithéâtre romains

The Colosseum, wikimedia commons unless otherwise specified

Module La datation de l’amphithéâtre

The Colosseum, wikimedia commons
Dovetail, Richard Pelé © Inrap
Statue of Nerva, wikimedia commons
Coin, Richard Pelé © Inrap

Animated video: How the Amphitheater was Used

photos of gladiators © ACTA
mosaics © Stiftung Saarländischer Kulturbesitz, Römische Villa Nennig
all other images © City of Nîmes

Animated video: The Amphitheater from the Middle Ages to the 19th Century

All images are © City of Nîmes, except
William takes back Nîmes from the Saracens by hiding his troops in wine barrels © Library of Boulogne-sur-Mer
Collection of Inscriptions, epitaphs by Dubuisson-Aubenay © Mazarine Library

Animated video: The Venus Figurine

All images are © City of Nîmes, except
Statue of the Capitoline Venus © Musei Capitolini, Rome


TeknoAXE music
Hicham Chahidi

Intellectual property

Legal notice: this entire site is protected by French and international law that protects intellectual property and copyright. All reproduction rights are reserved, including any downloadable documents and the iconographic and photographic representations.

Any complete or partial reproduction for a publication, or any other kind or form of dissemination, is strictly forbidden except with the prior written consent of the City of Nîmes, except for the cases provided for in article L. 122-5 of the intellectual property code.

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