Tombstone of Licinia Sozusa Elafium

Archeological Discoveries

Tombstone of Licinia Sozusa Elafium, found in 1810 in the constructions in the amphitheater.
1.10 m x 55 cm

Translation of the inscription:
"To the Manes of Licinia Sozusa Elafium, who died at the age of eleven years, eleven months and fourteen days; Licinia Maxima, her patron and Sextius Cambarius Severinus created this tomb for their dear student and for themselves."

These Manes are the spirits or gods to whom the dead are entrusted. They are generally mentioned only on tombstone inscriptions.
Licinia Sozusa was an abandoned child of Greek origins that Licinia Maxima had taken care of, raised, and freed from slavery. The mention of the age of the dead child is rare for a tombstone. It is likely due to the young age at which Sozusa died and Maxima’s attachment to her.
This tombstone had been reused in the construction of a house in the amphitheater.

photo © City of Nîmes

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